Project Controls Team Member Software

Project Controls Team Member Software ® is a product of Haalufa USA, Inc., which is one of many product offerings of our company and in addition, we offer a PMO Service where we provide Project Controls Professional to work as staff augmentation to support businesses running Capital Project. We know your needs and this is why we have developed Project Controls Team Member Software ® to help you address those needs. 

Haalufa USA is also running a Strategic Sourcing Program that is designed to support businesses with complex, mixed on-shore and off-shore procurement needs, we can support any type of procurement needs for your project. This is a Global Supply Management Program that can support your Project’s Procurement needs in many regions of the World. If you are seeking a partner to manage your procurement needs, Haalufa USA through its PMO Group has the tools, the channels and market connections to carry out your requirement successfully.

Project Controls Team Member Software ® is truly a well-designed software that specifically built to run and manage the execution and controls phase of any type Construction Projects. If you are a Construction Management Company, A Corporation running multiples projects and programs in Utility, Product Development, Mining. Glass Production, IT Project and Material Science among other industries, you should try Project Controls Team Member Software ® a tool that will make a big difference in every aspect of your project’s delivery and assure it is successful.

Interested company should request free consultation where our team can understand your needs and requirement

Project Controls Team Member Software

To run a free trial, your organization must register with Haalufa USA and get approved by our Support Team to download the software and to run a free trial.