Project Controls Team Member Software

Maxime D Riviere, Global Outreach Mgr.
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Program Overview 

The award-winning Haalufa USA's Partnership Program offers to businesses a value-added resellers (VARs) solutions, training, tools and support to help them to accelerate profitability and grow their businesses through reselling of Haalufa USA's Software Product and Services.

Whether you want to add features and services to our solutions, add them as components to your customers’ whole system or to provide leading-edge services to them, you will find many opportunities through our partnership program to create new revenue streams when you sign up to become a partner where you can buy our software product at a discounted price and to resell our Copyrighted and Trademark Software known as Project Controls Team Member Software® to your existing distribution channels.

Who Can Join?

Haalufa USA Partnership Program is profitable and easy to join and to become  a certified partner where you monetize your business and below are the types of Partners we are seeking: 

Software Distribution Companies – Get discount by reselling our software’s products directly and increase your sell volume by adding Project Controls Team Member Software® to other deals. You will provide your customers a best-in-class Software Programs and Solutions to monitor and execute large scale and complex Capital Project.

Banking, Hedge Fund Managers and Construction Management Companies– Offer Haalufa USA's Project Controls Team Member Software ® and its services to complement your own services that you are already selling to Tenant or Owner's Representative in the Construction Industry. Invite your clients to consult with our PMO Group to benefit from our expertise in Project Execution Controls and Delivery prior to launch new Capital Project. AdviceTenants or Owners running large commercial or Industrial construction's project  to deelop a Capital Playbook with a strong Project Implementation Plan prior to Launch any new project.

Technology Companies – Hosted and Managed Vendors of Network and Technology Platforms with reliable Data Center that espouse higher security standard can join our partnership program to work directly with Haalufa USA Technoloy Managers to address our clients whom are expressed desire to host their data regionally versus across country or the globe.

Geographic Locations: This program is available Worldwide!