Project Controls Team Member Software

What Sets Project Controls Team Member Software ® Apart? Our Unique Approach & Process

Project Controls Team Member Software ® is a future-Rich Software Application built and designed to help Owners and Tenants running capital projects achieve Improvement in the process of project delivery.

Through Project Controls Team Member Software ®, we deliver new tools to Project Team at all level within the Organization to develop and monitor schedule integration, procurement, resources and to identify and manage risks. Regardless how higher you are in the food chain, when it comes managing Capital Projects as President, Sr. Vice President, General Manager or Project Manager you will have specific challenges from a leadership perspective.

You will have to keep your team connected to your overall strategy, make sure they get the resources they need to be successful and drive focus & accountability at every level—this is no small task, for sure! Project Leaders who use Project Controls Team Member Software ® have some incredible resources right at their fingertips to help them do just that. As a leader, you are the connection from your team to the company plan and its strategy. One of your key responsibilities is to ensure that the members of your team understand how their work impacts the rest of the company.

Guided by the above concerns the men and women of Haalufa USA who built and developed Project Controls Team Member Software® ran through those challenges themselves.

Apart from outstanding and best in class processes and well-defined dashboards will find to manage every project and program within your Organization’s Portfolio, the introduction of Project Controls Team Member Software ® will definitely be a good investment.

Our Features will help you improve and manage successfully these major challenges below often facing Tenants and Owners running Capital Project in the construction industry today:

  • Inadequate Risk Management. Often, project managers put safeguards in place for long-term risk.
  • Lack of Structure. Without clear goals, it's difficult to get things done in an efficient manner.
  • Poor Communication.
  • Poor Planning.
  • Unrealistic Expectations/Bad Forecasting.
  • Poor EVMS
  • Delayed Cash Flow.
  • Limited Skills.
  • Technology Adoption.

We start with a deep analysis of your requirements and continue our relationship with post-launch support and updates…